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Klexco is a company of German origin that offers high quality business consulting services under German standards in the areas of strategic planning, financial management, Human Resources and foreign trade. We help domestic and foreign companies control critical areas of their business, maximize their long-term results and minimize existing risks. Our goal is to turn them into successful companies capable of protecting and developing their competitive advantages as well as anticipating important changes in the respective economic environment.
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Our Services

We are offering services for foreign companies, small and medium sized enterprises and for Start-Ups. Our goal is to offer you high quality services at any time.
Services for German companies
We support German companies in the creation and management of a new branch in Colombia, with our experience and professional knowledge.

We also offer consulting services and the execution or outsourcing of administrative, financial and HR tasks.
Services for Start Up companies
We offer advice and support for start-ups, using international best practices, in order to support them in the initial phase of their creation and turn them into solid companies, prepared for their future growth.

We also support them in the search for capital and sources of financing.
Services for export companies
We help the Colombian exporter who wants or already exports to Germany, with our knowledge regarding the demands, language, culture and particularities of the German market.

In addition we offer accompaniment and translations during business trips, commercial events or important negotiations.
Strategy and strategic planning
Strategy is one of the key factors for steering any organization. We create innovative and powerful strategies, based on the potential of future success and transform them into specific objectives and plans of the present.

We also implement control mechanisms to quickly detect important deviations and take corrective measures on time.
Consulting for Finance and Business Control
Financial control is essential for the survival of each company. Knowing and optimizing the key factors which influence the results of your company is highly important for successful and effective management.

We are experts in business control and performance management. We optimize internal processes and increase the performance of your business. We implement the necessary tools and measures in order to maximize your profits.
Consulting in Human Resources
The management of human resources is becoming more and more an important strategic factor. Companies need qualified and efficient people, selected in an agile and profitable way.

We offer support concerning the selection, administration and development of personnel. We also optimize the performance of your employees and provide advice in labour law.

Why Klexco?

Our services are focused on generating benefits and added value for your company. Here are the most important benefits and advantages of Klexco:

Our advantages

  • The Klexco Method: A unique combination of the best international concepts and theories, chosen for their practical relevance and focused on the needs of each client, in order to maximize the performance of your company
  • International practical experience in multinational companies
  • Knowledge of both markets (Germany and Colombia) with their requirements, particularities and languages
  • Quality of work according to German standards and creation of innovative solutions
  • Our main objective: The satisfaction of the needs of each client and the creation of added value for your company

Benefits for your company

  • Control of critical areas and key factors for your company's success


  • Cost reduction and sustainable increase of financial results


  • Control and optimization of resources (working capital, liquidity, etc.)


  • Optimized and efficient internal processes


  • Risk control and error minimization


  • Motivated, qualified and more efficient employees

Customers about Klexco

About our founder

The founder of Klexco is also your main consultant who steers and controls the whole consulting process.
Mr. Eckard
Mr. Eckard

Founder and General Manager

Mr. Eckard is the founder and General Manager of Klexco and an expert for Finance and General Management.